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A 5 minute summary of who, what and why JASONYOLT exists.

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Jason is a survivor in every sense of the word. After a motorcycle accident and explosion, he was in fact, pronounced dead. Today, Jason is a sought after international Motivational Speaker who’s spoken to over 12,000 individuals in corporate organizations and schools across more than 4 countries and 5 cities, published a book translated into two languages, and a Life Coach for those seeking a fresh start.

What drives him is YOLT, an acronym for You Only Live Twice; Jason’s “second life’s” work to do his part to Influence & Impact humanity to "Live Twice”; to cease settling for an empty existence and regret, and instead truly,

Come alive.


come alive

Why does YOLT exist? I was given something precious too many people realise only too late : a perspective shift about what truly matters... “at the end of the day". I got it after spending a lifetime chasing after finite, meaningless "things" that lasted for mere moments. Definitely not what I want on my tombstone; "Here lies Jason, who Hollywood worthy road-raged on a motorcycle after a SUV and crashed into a glorious ball of fire."

"At the end of the day" what matters is that when I look back, I can say that I didn't shortchange my soul. That I didn't listen to the naysayers, to my fears. That I won't have to say "if only" or "I wish", because I lived a life true to myself. That I exercised my God given gifts and talents to my fullest potential, laughing carelessly, loving fully in serving others, in the purpose I was placed on earth for (twice, in fact haha).

All that so that "at the end of the day", if my life does flash by as I take my last breath - it'll be a playback of someone who had Truly Come Alive. That's when I know I'll be ready to meet my Maker, who will greet me with a loving and proud "Welcome home son, well done."

That's why I do what I do. What about you?




Press Release

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"The experience that Jason shared, when you see the images that go along with that, is life changing. The simple, simple profound lessons, to realize what life is about - No young person can hear and understand all that from someone else;  this is Jason’s purpose, his journey. "




Inception of JASONYOLT

Even through tough times you are not alone. I pray that you will be blessed and encouraged, and one day will share your story with us and the world too. See you here on the other side of hope, where all your fellow champions are smiling and waiting for you to come home


our why.

This is what we live for, to inspire & empower people to cease “existing”,
so that we can all take our last breaths having Truly Come Alive.

Our HOW.

 We hustle to collect 1,000,000 & more YOLT stories; stories of Testimonials & Thank-yous from people like yourself whose lives have been impacted by our programs, activities. If that’s you,


As of 4 May 2019



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The number of lives we have touched so far.

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