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JASONYOLT the International Keynote Speaker and Published Author now lives to collect 1,000,000 stories of how YOLT has renewed individuals to not only reach their fullest potential in life, but also have their days be filled with meaning. 

Jason is the author of "If You Only Live Twice" and is a featured life coach; having served in distinguished organisations, schools and corporations including:

AIA, Changi General Hospital, AXA, Hai Sing Catholic School.

Jason’s story has been featured on Channel News Asia, The Straits Times, The New Paper, and the Lianhe Zaobao. He is also a founder of the YOLT Movement, an initiative to inspire youth to realise meaning and value in themselves by volunteering, so they may, as the very definition of YOLT goes;

Seize the Day Beyond Us to take our last breath fulfilled with no regrets.

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Seize the day means to make the most of our present and waking moment, to reach our fullest potential in life. Beyond us, to have our days be filled with meaning by living for more than just ourselves. That is how we will Seize the day beyond us, to take our last breath fulfilled, with no regrets.


Our Mission

This is what we live for. This is our WHY. To collect 1,000,000 personal, intimate and inspiring stories of how people's lives are transformed, or as we like to say, Renewed having been Inspired, Equipped and/or Journeyed with through what we do. Sincerely, thank you for helping us make this happen; for helping us to YOLT. To add your story, kindly click the submit button below.

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Inception of JASONYOLT

Even through tough times you are not alone. I pray that you will be blessed and encouraged, and one day will share your story with us and the world too. See you here on the other side of hope, where all your fellow champions are smiling and waiting for you to come home



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"The experience that Jason shared, when you see the images that go along with that, is life changing. The simple, simple profound lessons, to realize what life is about - No young person can hear and understand all that from someone else;  this is Jason’s purpose, his journey. "


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