For a school-wide assembly, or a single-level cohort (e.g Grade 8 batch) · 40 - 60 min, Q&A

The light-speed and convenience of how we travel, shop and socialise has shaped how instantly we need to be gratified and even more so, an unhealthy need for “validation” from others for “fear of missing out”, or FOMO. This keynote aims to bring about self-awareness and empower youth from a place of fear, to being F.R.E.E.



WHO: Jason sets the tone of the keynote by introducing himself and his story; his regrets and his purpose of sharing this message. 

WHY : Bring awareness and understanding on what is and reasons why all of us have FOMO; that it is our herd mentality, a instinct to fit in to survive.

WHAT: The result is a toxic ABC; addiction, to social media, specifically the validation we get from the “filtered” images we present ourselves to be. Bullying, as a display of power and dominance. Conforming, to what others expect us to do and be, not what is true to ourselves. 

HOW: FOMO is something we have, not who we are. Jason will share some pointers to be;

F : Fear and Faith are the opposite sides of the same coin. To have faith in oneself to

    chase after Significance, not prominence.

R : Real and authentic, on and offline, to others and most importantly, oneself.
E : Engaged in real time (put your phones down!) to have deeper, meaningful

    conversations and genuine relationships. 

E : Enough. We look everywhere for validation except the one place it always is, within. 
I wish I could stand on a busy corner,
hat in hand, and beg people to
throw me all their wasted hours. 
— Bernard Berenson
Keynotejason lim