For a school-wide assembly, or a single-level cohort (e.g Grade 8 batch)  · 40 - 60 min, Q&A

Most, if not all of us will go through stressful, tough times in our lives, be it physical, mental or emotional. What makes a champion, who rises above the circumstance? Jason will breakdown his own formula of resilience; how he persevered in face of great adversity and how your youth too, can find their own G.R.I.T within. 

G ratitude: We can choose distress in defeat, or peace in gratitude.
R esponse: In-between events and results is how we choose our response.Learn how to use one’s pain, into a conduit of purpose.
I mprove: Growth mindset says we must believe we can improve. 

T rust: That we must trust ourselves, trust the process to work for it to.


Every man dies.
Not every man really lives. 
— Braveheart
Keynotejason lim