Age 13 & above · 1 Day, Q&A

Many of us have been taught how to lead by reading books, emulating others, following mentors… and the list goes on - except not everyone is clear why. This workshop will inspire your leaders to lead and build teams who are self-driven and deeply inspired to work; to take their last-breath fulfilled with no regrets, so that they themselves may do the same. 

Provides a simplified framework of human motivations to understand what drives human behaviour in a group setting. 
Explore how we are all inclined to leaders who help us reach our Fullest Potential and how leaders can inspire their teams to do that. 
Understand the highest level of fulfilment is being connected to something bigger than us; and that they are in a privileged position to do that with Purpose, and Honor

The fear of death follows from the
fear of life. A man who lives fully is
prepared to die at any time.
~Mark Twain

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