For students in various leadership positions and functions. · 1/2 Day

The difference between a boss and a leader? A boss would bark orders from the back to a usually unwilling and unmotivated team, whereas a leader not only takes charge, but takes care of the team, taking the front position like the lead geese flying ahead of the inspired and self driven followers who will even sacrifice themselves for the group’s vision. What kind of influencers will your students grow to be to impact society? 

L : Lay the vision that inspires, a purpose that brings the group together. 
E : Example - to model the way by living out the shared values. 
A :  Aligning of the group to the goal whilst taking calculated risks to improve. Honor

D : Develop, not destroy moral by encouraging and celebrating the individuals. 

The fear of death follows from the
fear of life. A man who lives fully is
prepared to die at any time.
~Mark Twain

A leader is one who knows the way,
goes the way,
and shows the way
— John C Maxwell
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