*You may simply indicate NIL or leave it blank if the answer to a question is unknown, or irrelevant. 

Right now is it okay I spend some time ask you some questions to find out how we can have a great X(Activity), following which Is it okay we settle some admin matters now, so wont have to trouble you later?
E.g Event is from 11 AM - 1 PM, You have a 30mins slot at 11.30am. (need any buffer time to settle down/announcement?) What time can come in for setup
Kick-start, Leadership training, Mid-year review, Annual round-up etc.
e.g 40 pax, Percentage Female & Male / Age spread / Groups include leaders, Managment Team etc.
We know might be busy, but before we leave can get a video testimonial? Recommend, referral us to partners.. How else we can work together in the future.
,(If not enough time, get staff to send them via email. ) collate and present them to you, Request for a skype/phone call with organizer few days after the event,
+ check earlier, who are vips + Resolution of screen - square / rectangle. + Could you send/inform us of the itinerary of the day. + Would it be possible for Net 14? How soon should we send, after? + We will require pax. who can we ask from? + Can we request for the photos taken from your side? we will credit. + We will Follow up with 2 emails. #01 includes emcee script for your reference, a Summary of our discussion today and the quote. #02 Close to the date, it will be to liaise with the event organizer representative to sort of event logistics. Who would this be?