DISCLAIMER - This post is personal- filled with events in my life that have left an impact on me. It would then also be sprinkled with my native colloquial terms, Singlish. If you’re a grammar Nazi or one of my ex- English teachers, do not proceed. You have been warned. Hah. I also speak freely about my faith, in which and whom I draw my strength and credit all that I have to; God’s grace. With that, let’s go :)

Whew. First post! It’s been a looong while since I’ve blogged. Maybe because the days of the blogspot where teenagers would log their day’s thoughts, emotions and events online have long passed haha. Plus I suppose I’ve started viewing journaling such intimate details as something that should be kept personal and not for the public eye, in light of “having a public, professional persona” right? That I need to maintain this appearance of a “motivational speaker” whose life better be perfect hah, cause why would anyone wanna listen, take advice from (and pay money to lol) someone who doesn’t have it all together?

Problem is.. I don’t have it all together. I talk about living a full life - living at one’s fullest potential. That means not wasting time(I sleep in, ALOT lol) , spending it only on things that grow you into the person you were meant to be - your purpose. Especially so, to truly awaken and live consciously of that finishing line of our lives that we will all cross someday - that we’ll cross it in peace. See I know these concepts at the back of my hand but more and more I realise how far away I am from living that kinda life. The YOLT life.

Today I’ve decided to pick blogging up again though. Cause I think I’m done trying to fake it till I make it hah. I mean, my accident did happen and I did take away those powerful revelations. Sure, I exercised grit and resilience, I didn’t give up. I started this whole brand, wrote a book and yada.

What I don’t, but should be freely admitting though, is the fact that I’m still walking and typing these words today... is only because God let me do so. I know of people post accident who just can’t move their legs no more, and it’s always a humbling, stark reminder what I have has very little to do with my willpower. Oh and YOLT? It was presented to me on a silver platter really, when my doctor asked if I wanted to help be part of a trauma support group. I couldn’t exactly say no right lol.

Point being, I think I can finally admit, I don’t think I know what I’m doing haha.

Why didn’t I do this earlier? Will people think of me any less? Will I think of me less? Questions I might’ve asked myself subconsciously, that I’ll get answers to when this post goes live haha. Maybe this is my own little YOLT moment again haha (no not T for Thrice lol) cause the idea is you hit the pause button and take a good hard look at your life - and if you don’t like where you’re going, then hit the button next to it, the proverbial reset button hah. Start where you’re at, not where you think you should be haha. And after some honest reflection you’ve come to admit you’re nowhere near the place you’re trying to make others think you’re at.. then perhaps it’s time to make some change.

Swallow some humble pie haha, and come to the truth. Sure it hurts. Real bad. The sting of pride that’s hurt hah. But.. As they say, it’s where you can’t go no lower, that the only way is up :) That you should never build your house of sand (facades, bluffs, false impressions) - only firm foundation (reality, honesty, hard work, God.) So here I is, world haha. Jasonyolt.. starting over as Jason Lim :)

A number of church mentors have been advising, encouraging me to take up a job (multiple times hah.) and I think.. maybe humble pie tastes like employment haha. I still have a bunch of gigs lined up, I imagine I might have some more coming still, so I pray God would grace me a job that would enable me to do both. :) I’ll cut back on YOLT work I guess? (still blog & vlog I hope!)

I think this would be a new chapter for YOLT. This is exactly what people in the workforce can relate to - maybe not so much a motorcycle explosion - but at the end of themselves, when people are frustrated, lost even. YOLT says, if you’re still breathing.. then it’s not over. This is your “second chance” to do it right this time. Take a breather.. and start again. :)

All that aside.. I don’t think I am adverse to working for someone else? As long as I believe in the vision, the purpose of the company, and it’s people, I’d be bought in and go in 110%. Time to exercise some Excellence muscles hah. I’d develop some keen skills too for sure, growing in exposure and character.

I’m looking forward to the next season :)

Paused and wanted to continue the day after when..

Screen Shot 2019-04-08 at 1.47.09 PM.png

Okay God. Kindly explain this. HAHA GUYS OMGSH THIS IS MY GOAL FOR THIS YEAR AS A SPEAKER. What an epic turn of events. I can’t even. I mean, I’d still be on the job hunt and all, but wow. Just when I surrendered, stop trying to do thing with my own strength - and be able to boast (maybe that was what God was protecting me from!), this drops from the sky (well cyberspace) out of NOWHERE. So cray, so good. I guess when this happened when I finally stopped being busy trying to show everybody how strong I am.  Cause we’re not gonna get peace trying to appear perfect.

I had a personal cray encounter with the Spirit on Saturday night too, where I believe I learnt the meaning of less of me, more of Him. But shall not go into too much details for now. All I will say is..

But he said to me, "My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness." Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ's power may rest on me.

2 Cor 12:9

#Rekt. Glory glory to you God :) Looking forward for more.


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