5th Re-birth

I just ended church, and they played a video of the team’s recent mission trip to Phnom Penh, Cambodia. The video screened such familiar sights, scenes from a place I call my second home. Even the backing track was a khmer song I had memorised and knew how to sing haha. Definitely brought a sense of nostalgia, perhaps even a little home-sickness, since they were scenes of where the YOLT story all began.. exactly 5 years ago from today.

I think it’s about time I start a new chapter to the YOLT story :) I was introduced the most kind and inspiring lady that is Susan Desilva… on a feeder bus! Elim Chew, who made the introductions, had invited me to take part in a farewell dinner for the outgoing president at the National University of Singapore. We decided to have lunch after, and it little did I know, it was going to be one that would shift the trajectory of my, and I humbly believe someday, many others’ lives. The pho was pretty good, but the defining moment really was when Susan not only shed light, she so generously brought me into the incredible the world of coaching, with the world renown and respected Co-active Training Institute.

The journey of learning how to coach others and being coached myself in the process, opened up possibilities, gave me so much insight into my own being, my path, my purpose.. (sorry, coachy lingo hahah) that I will be eternally grateful for. The tools and skills I’ve picked up, the teachings and experience felt absolutely like what I needed exactly, to set out and do what I am called to do; to inspire and impact the world to “live twice”, so we can all take our last breath having Truly Come Alive. For which Susan, I cannot thank you enough :)

I didn’t manage to finish my course back in 2017, but this year, I did!

My graduating batch-mates! I’m actually not in this photo. LOL

My graduating batch-mates! I’m actually not in this photo. LOL



That’s right!! I’m launching my coaching career :) Updated the website with a new page, it’s right there in the main titles - with a snazzy new photo to boot haha, awesome photo taken by Daniel of One Click Wonders !

Screen Shot 2019-07-22 at 11.33.03 PM.png

And with that, I;ve decided what better way to celebrate my re”birthday” than with a gift! Not asking for or receiving, but offering 5 lucky individuals coaching, for no fee! (It’s true, I could use the testimonials lol) But jokes aside, I really, truly am so grateful I get to complete something I started, and begin to journey with other personally in becoming the best versions of themselves. If you’re wondering what coaching is, check out this other blog post I’ve written alongside this one, and I quote :

When I coach, I am most energized when guiding others to discover and align themselves to their purpose. That’s because when I’m right there witnessing others in their moment of “awakening” - as if a light has come on in their widening eyes when everything makes sense, that’s what makes me come alive.

This doesn’t mean every coaching session with me will be a feel-good session. In fact, to truly dig and peel back the layers to reveal the core of our being always takes work, which can be difficult and painful. Trust me, I’d know as I’ve had that kind of work done too - so I can tell you that it’s worth it and that I’ll be with you all the way. You’ll come out of it with more self-awareness, growth, and I believe, unstoppable.

If you’re truly satisfied with where you are in life, I believe you already count yourself blessed and I wish you well on your journey. If however you’re feeling stuck or lost in life, if you know there’s “more to this” than what you’re experiencing, if you’ve read to this point and these words resonate with you, let’s speak :) There is no fee involved in the EXPLORE session and does not require you to commit to any service. It’s simply a chance to discuss your goals at-large, desires and ask any questions you may have of me. Simply click the button below to connect with me, and walk with you to Truly Come Alive.

Really looking forwards to see how this chapter unfolds.

I really think it’s going to be good :)

Peace and love,


jason lim