What is coaching?

Before I entered the world of coaching, I didn't quite understand this world of personal development/help and the roles various professions play. I thought I'd write a quick little note to describe them, alongside what coaching means to me and how I go about it.

The following are what coaching is not.

A Counsellor/Therapist works with families and caregivers to help individuals better understand their social and psychological needs and issues from the past to bring healing and restoration.

A Mentor is someone who takes on a wiser/guiding role to an individual, who may have questions for the experienced mentor, someone who has walked the path can answer.

A Consultant provides focused solutions and suggestions based on the problems clients bring to the table. Consultants are a resource for strategy, expertise, and methodologies.

And now, what Coaching is! Coaching is a collaboration, a partnership between coach and coachee. This means it won't be one person giving and one simply receiving. Instead, the job of the coach is to facilitate, support and enable the coachee to see what has always been possible, to access resources the coachee already has within; so the coachee leaves empowered to accomplish his/her goals, even without the coach’s presence.

That said, different coaches will not only bring different methodologies and coaching disciplines to the table, but they also come with their own “style” and values. This means not every coach may be a good fit for you, that you should be comfortable with, and trust this person to journey with you along with difficult conversations if it comes to it.

When I coach, I am most energized when guiding others to discover and align themselves to their purpose. That’s because when I’m right there witnessing others in their moment of “awakening” - as if a light has come on in their widening eyes when everything makes sense, that’s what makes me come alive. Feel free to read this post for more.

This doesn’t mean every coaching session with me will be a feel-good session. In fact, to truly dig and peel back the layers to reveal the core of our being always takes work, which can be difficult and painful. Trust me, I’d know as I’ve had that kind of work done too - so I can tell you that it’s worth it and that I’ll be with you all the way. You’ll come out of it with more self-awareness, growth, and I believe, unstoppable.

If you’re truly satisfied with where you are in life, I believe you already count yourself blessed and I wish you well on your journey. If however you’re feeling stuck or lost in life, if you know there’s “more to this” than what you’re experiencing, if you’ve read to this point and these words resonate with you, let’s speak :) There is no fee involved in the EXPLORE session and does not require you to commit to any service. It’s simply a chance to discuss your goals at-large, desires and ask any questions you may have of me. Simply click the button below to connect with me, and walk with you to Truly Come Alive.

jason lim