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*You may simply indicate NIL or leave it blank if the answer to a question is unknown, or irrelevant. 

Right now is it okay I spend some time ask you some questions to find out how we can have a great X(Activity),
E.g Event is from 11 AM - 1 PM, You have a 30mins slot at 11.30am. (need any buffer time to settle down/announcement?) What time can come in for setup
Kick-start, Leadership training, Mid-year review, Annual round-up etc.
e.g 40 pax, Percentage Female & Male / Age spread / Groups include leaders, Managment Team etc.
Let's project ourselves ..that happens and i did a fantastic job. whats next for us?
Admin matters
Finance + Would it be possible for Net 14? How soon should we send, after?

Good job bro :) 

When should I follow up with you on that?
Do you have LI? Can we connect and I request for a recommedation?
Send you whatsapp greetings etc. Let me know anytime if it gets too much and i'll stop

Which parts did they find funny?
variety, enthusiasm, sincerity, force, rate, pitch
variety, enthusiasm, sincerity, force, rate, pitch